One Stop 100% (master & pub)
ASCAP #336454755


Open up the cage ready to rage ready to blaze
anything in sight when I'm in Flight Rhythm for days
Rock Around the Clock banging your block I'm here to stay
cause I won't stop making it hot get out my way
the wrecking ball is swinging, funeral bells ringing
game over you might as well bring in the girls singing
its time to set it off, rhymes I let them off say
what's on my mind I'm the kind to dead them off
I'm an animal I show no mercy don't curse me
drinking from the Fountain of Youth I'm so thirsty
looking for my next meal who will be the next kill
hunting like a predator I'm better when I flex skill
kicking down the door everybody Hit the Floor
this is definitely War there is definitely more
there was definitely pain if your strategy is lame
every battle's not the same better tighten up your game

I'm an animal, I am a beast
I'm an animal, I got to eat

I'm hungry and I'm ready to eat pull up a seat
man I'm starving got a craving for meat bone Appetit
let's get started watch Me Slaughter the beat turn up the heat
till it's hot enough to burn up the streets I am a beast
So i creep through the Shadows Of Darkness at night
plus I'm deep and I'm ready to spark this I'm hyped
I'm heartless my blood runs cold like the white snow
stand back temperature's rising and it might blow
Like a volcano spilling molten hot lava scorching you'll get a torching if you're willing why bother
get in position while you're praying and wishing
when in fact you should have listened now your family's missing
it's a cold world we live in many unforgiven Been to Hell and back and the fact that I'm still driven is proof
No one is more dedicated more underrated more motivated the most Innovative and orchestrated ever

I'm an animal I am a beast
I'm an animal I got to eat