Studio session at Blueprint Studio

Thank you to everyone who made yesterday's 'DRN Studio Session' such a wonderful gathering! I have been reading the posts of many of you who attended and want to say we in the band felt it was a one of a kind experience for us as well, and we truly enjoyed every single minute, saying to each other today it was a highlight of our entire musical history  Thank you all for supporting this idea, for surrounding the band with a pool of positivity that allowed us to feel free to create without distraction, for your good humor, and for singing your hearts out on 'Fade to Light' and 'Ritual'! We will be doing more of these gatherings in upstate NY  and Portland, Oregon in May and in Stockholm in July as we felt it was another level of connecting with those who support our music, and something we wish to continue doing... What a day! My sincere gratitude to Dario Nikzad for brainstorming this idea up and working so hard beside me this last year to bring this to fruition, to continually come up with solutions to the challenges an event like this presents and for marching DRN in to the future! Love to Jules Carley for all your good energies with the Caravan and the Networkers pages. It was an honor to have your presence for I know how much your efforts helped make this event a success as well. Many thanks to Paul Mortlock, Jan, and all your talented crew for filming the day, and doing all the great interview segments, to Gaz and Ian at 'Blue Print Studios' for busting your butts on every level, to Amanda Rose Photography for capturing the photos attached below, to John on sound, to the caterers who delivered some very tasty food, to Kelebek Wilcox for doing the merch, to the Eagle Inn for running the bar and the after party, to Mo and the door staff at the Studio, to Peter Noble for spreading the word, and finally to Adrian Hextall from Power Play Magazine for covering the story! The band and myself are eternally grateful to all those who traveled from Australia, America, Sweden, Finland, Spain and throughout the UK to be with us yesterday and who made it all possible. Hope you had great birthdays Nikki Parker and Lynne Watson, and after serving everyone their meals we are discussing opening our own deli, so look out... DRN Catering may be just around the corner 

- review by Dan Reed



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