End of the Tour

Manchester! You gave us the perfect ending to the tour! Thank you for a fantastic evening ? I have nothing but love for the Marc Montgomery, James Bird, Scott Taylor, Matt, Craig and Gary from ‘Mason Hill’ and Joe, Jack, Tom and Phil from ‘Hollowstar’ who gave their hearts and souls every show, both on and off stage... a true honor to befriend you all on this tour, and will be watching your musical careers continue to blossom from near and afar! To our crew Dave Newton, Kerry Bechtol and Will Blake... you boys excelled each and every day and you have our deepest gratitude for your tireless energies and hard work! To Dario Nikzad, Peter Noble, Jules Carley and Lisa Bardsley... our love and gratitude for organizing and promoting this run of shows... it was spectacular each and every day. To Paul Anthony, Wyatt Wendels, and everyone at Planet Rock it was an honor to work beside you presenting this release! To Dave Ling and everyone at Classic Rock Magazine... we thank you for being on our side on this journey. To Graeme Purdy Bell, Amanda Rose, Janne Skip Sandin and Anders Gustafsson... our many thanks for the artwork, photos and web work on ‘Origins’! To Kateřina Bláhová only love for all the work you do organizing flights and doing accounting. Many thanks to STS for our backline, to Townsend Records in the UK and AOR Records in Germany for releasing this new album. To all the venue managers, promoters and staff’s for this run we wish to thank you for hosting us and being so kind and gracious to us all. Thank you to Martin Jarvis for your hard work helping us get here ? To the lovely souls in the Caravan and Networkers... no band could be any more fortunate than to have the support you give DRN. We are truly blessed! - Dan Reed

We hope to see you all in Prague for New Year’s Eve or Berlin for our next ‘Studio Sessions’ on December 29th

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